New year, new movies

10 Feb

It’s that time of year again, when everyone starts exclaiming “It’s February! Can you believe how fast the year is going?”

We too, have lost track of time. If you’d asked one of us how many movies we were yet to review here, we might say two or three. Apparently, no, we’ve seen six … which means there’s only one or two weeks to go in the first 52*.

*this fact brings a tear to J’s eye. We’re quite attached to our movie dates.

Stay tuned for the next 52…

Sherlock Holmes

She says: The score I give this movie is definitely testament to my new ‘boys-movies-are-ok’ attitude. It was dark, it flirted with suspense, and there were quite a few sword fights. Robert Downey Jnr was cool as ever and I loved it. 8/10

He says: I was really surprised that I enjoyed this movie.  The reviews leading in were very negative but it was actually a lot of fun; particularly Robert Downey Jnr who as always put on a great show. 7.5/10

Muppet Movie

She says: Did not see this one coming. Hated the Muppets as a kid because I didn’t get it, but now I do. Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother) wrote the script and brought in Flight of the Conchords star Bret McKenzie to do the music. Together, they are amazing. 9.5/10

He Says: This was a last minute choice but turned out to be fantastic; it even has a special guest appearance from Sheldon Cooper… 9/10

Darkest Hour

She says: I didn’t want to go to this movie and I shouldn’t have. It was boring and the Australian girl, Rachael Taylor, was flimsy and annoying. Gah. 4/10

He says: This movie had a clever concept for a low budget sci-fi but it never really got anywhere.  It ended up as a Russian version of Skyline. 3/10


She says: Little Hugo describes movies as ‘dreams coming to life in the daytime’. This is how I felt watching this; like I was dreaming of Paris, in Scorsese’s golden and royal blue hues. Hugo achieved an overall beauty (within a train station!) that was far more evocative than Midnight in Paris. Plot was a bit meh though, so save for DVD. 7/10

He says: This was a very odd film.  On one hand it was beautiful and showcased Scorsese’s grasp of cinema and yet it suffered from an entire first half that was essentially irrelevant and did very little to tell the actual story.  Not a kids movie as the trailers might suggest, but rather a movie for filmmakers. 7/10

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

She says: We were warned that this was going to be a slow burn and boy, was it ever. It also took me a while to figure out which old white man was which. Eventually it all clicked into place and the denoument was rewarding. 8/10

He says: Slow burn really doesn’t do this film justice, glacial would be more appropriate.  However, one of the ‘smarter’ movies in recent times where you actually have to engage with the film to understand what is happening.  Definitely not a film made by this guy. 7.5/10


She says: If you hated the sister in Atonement, don’t think twice about seeing this movie. It is deliberately provocative, determined to make you seek vengance towards an emo teenager. I really, really hated him. And thus I walked away fuming…for days. I might have to admit defeat with my boys-movies-are-ok mantra, on this one. 3/10

He says:  A very cool film once again from a filmmakers point of view.  The special effects are great and it really plays with the ‘found film’ genre in a way that makes it a lot more watchable than films like Cloverfield. 7/10


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