Three more movies

1 Jan

A few people have asked what we’ll do now that the movies are over… but neverfear, the fun goes on into 2012! Our 52 weeks started in February, so there’s still more free movies to go.

P.S. We’ll have a special ‘he says/she says’ awards blog later this week, but for now, here’s how we wrapped up 2011:

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

She says: In February, I asked: since when did Colin Firth look so old?

Now in December, it only took  five minutes of this film for me to ask AJW: since when did Tom Cruise look so good?! I never understood the appeal until now – this nearly-50-year-old makes running to catch bad guys look easy.

To prepare for Mi4, AJW showed me Mi3. Predictably, I was bored for most of it. So I wouldn’t have chosen to see Mi4 myself, but somehow this film captured me for the full 133 minutes – enough of a plot and four quirky main characters helped to get through the stressful bits. 9/10

He says: A classic Mission Impossible: Tom Cruise does his best “running face,” there are incredible stunts and masks, plenty of masks.  However, MI:3 was my favourite of the movies for its great character work.  How could you forget that opening scene as Philip Seymor-Hoffman tortures Tom Cruise.  MI:4 is lacking this depth – until the final act.  As a result the film doesn’t quite ‘grab’ you as MI:3 does. Nevertheless the film is still a lot of fun. 8.5/10

 The Adventures of Tintin

She says: I used to watch the 90’s Tintin cartoons, not religiously, but on the occasional afternoon. I may have seen a comic once.

But then I bought three Tintin artworks in Vietnam and now everyone who visits our house thinks I’m a huge fan. Um, not really. I just liked the cartoon.

Anyhoo. The Spielberg & co version was pretty to look at, with 3D animation that proved itself good enough to forget it was animated, and a plotline that rolled on happily. A good adventurous film, but not a standout. 8/10

He says: Directors all have their own fingerprints; Spielberg’s have shaped a generation of cinema and Tintin has Spielberg all over it.  Whether it is the young protagonist, the tight chase scenes, the redemption of family or the trekking adventure this film has his traces all through it, and I loved it for that.

It is not a particularly amazing film from a story and character sense but it is entertaining and the animation is fantastic!  I do though question whether Spielberg might have been better to make this live action. 7.5/10

Happy Feet 2

She says: A cute-cute-cute sequel (now with added baby penguins).

It was a tad heartwrenching to sit there in the cinema and think that the gloom-and-doom plotline is actually playing out in the polar regions, especially after the media introduced us to the ‘real happy feet’ this year.

But of course, the penguins and their friends – a mish-mash of Hollywood and Australian superstars – work together to save the day, and it all ends with a song.

Kind of like Glee, with animated marine life.

Highlights: lots of familiar voices, the self-depreceating wit of Brad Pitt and Matt Damon (Bill and Will the krill),  the mass-musical interludes. My definition of a feel-good film, where you walk out feeling ridiculously uplifted*.


*NB saw this on my birthday. Might have been biased towards gleefulness.

He says: Once again I was surprised by dancing penguins.  Going into the first Happy Feet I thought it would be a little bit of fun and came out quite enjoying the movie.

Once again I had this reaction, really liking Happy Feet 2.  Sure it has a very simplistic plot but there are some touching and funny moments that hold it together.  There is also some great voice acting, particularly Brad Pitt and Matt Damon… you can just picture them hanging out in a voice recording studio coming up with crazy things to say. 7.5/10


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