A special guest post

14 Dec

Silly season indeed! We’re booked out all week, and can’t even squeeze in a movie. So we’ve asked our dear friends Lisa and Nick to step up and keep the 52-week flame alive.

They saw a movie we haven’t seen (and probably wouldn’t) so we appreciate the variety – thanks guys!


She says: Started off being ‘arts-ily’ slow and very little dialogue and I started to wonder if Ryan Gosling would ever take the toothpick out of his mouth and talk. About half way through the movie it was like someone flicked a switch and the movie changed, to be somewhat more gory (comically at times), which wasn’t what I expected.

A few really cool songs on the soundtrack but an awful font choice for the opening and closing credits (I know that sounds incredibly wanky and I wouldn’t normally comment on a font but that’s how much it annoyed me).

Overall – interesting, but not my cup of tea when Ryan’s sinister side came out & I got a little tired of the silence when he didn’t talk.


He says: Not at all what I was expecting!

This film really appealed to my quirky artistic side. Long scenes without dialogue where expressions and body language tell the story. It was beautiful to watch with natural lighting and slow mo’s making even an urban wasteland look appealing.

It also ticked a lot of boy boxes with fast cars, hardcore violence, a cute girl and few cool father/son undertones. Definitely more for the Indy film lovers rather than the mainstream peeps, but I rate it!



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