The beginning of the end…

6 Dec

We think we’re at about 40 films out of the full 52… but who’s counting?

Alas, we’re starting to see trailers for movies that – shock, horror – will be released in February/March, so won’t be free for us to see at the cinema. With this in mind, we’re exploring options for 2012 and beyond: stay tuned.


She says: The historical mish mash of the plot had me seething, but it was lovely to bask in the glory of the Globe Theatre, and the phenomenal casting of Redman/Richardson as Elizabeth I. 7/10

He says: A very different turn for Roland Emerich from films like this but quite entertaining and stylish. 7/10

Three Musketeers

She says: This blatently obvious knock-off of the Pirates franchise (recycled music, recycled Orlando) was redeemed by Matthew MacFayden, and the pleasure of watching sword fights for a couple of hours. 7/10

He says: An enjoyable popcorn film that wasn’t helped by terrible sound from Hoyts again! 6.5/10

Midnight in Paris

She says: Friends insisted that this would be my favourite movie of all time…alas. It was gorgeous, and made me want to live in Paris for a few months, years, oh, some indiscriminate amount of time, but I felt inadequate for not recognising some characters. Left feeling intellectually snubbed. 7/10

He says: A clever premise but once again the film suffered from the ‘look at me look at me I am SUCH an indie film and I will make it really obvious I am an indie film’ syndrome. 5/10


She says: Wow. We were looking forward to Aaron Sorkin’s script for months and though there were only a few clearly identifiable moments of unique wordplay, it still built up to a spectacular performance for Brad Pitt. 9/10

He says: I really was surprised by how much I enjoyed this film, it is very hard to make a good film about statistics, you either superimpose cool looking numbers like this or you hire Brad Pitt and write a sharp and witty script.  The second approach results in this! 9/10

Ides of March

  She says: High expectations and high rewards from this one. After finishing the West Wing 6 months ago, we’ve been missing solid political drama (on the screen, at least) and this film hit the spot. Clever, clever, clever. 9/10

He says: One of the best films we have seen this year, it was like watching someone build a beautiful, intricate house of cards for 1 hour and then suddenly the little kid comes and pulls out the foundation card … you watch it all tumble down. 9/10


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