The movie that caused a car crash

9 Aug

Tired of seeing movies that were truly inappropriate for our age, we decided to mix it up a bit – travelling a little further to see some different genres. Of course, this adventure into the unknown was so exciting that we managed to crash the car on the way home…

Oranges and Sunshine^

She says:  This film generated all sorts of emotions in me and after watching it, I’m grateful to be aware of this part of Australia’s history – looking forward to reading the book. 8.5/10

(…and yes, it was all those emotions that led me to reverse into a trolley bay. Passengers all ok, bumper not so much)

He says: An interesting journey into a story about Australia that I knew nothing about previously which made it quite enjoyable as well as educational! 6.5/10

Bad Teacher

She says: As much as I tried (and I wanted to like it!) I just couldn’t find the point in this. So you were right, Mum. And I am so dismayed by Cameron Diaz’s choice to be in two of the worst two movies we’ve seen this year – this and Green Hornet. 5/10

He says: I really didn’t enjoy this movie, for a comedy I maybe laughed once… 4/10


She says: Surprise favourite! This came up in the ‘mystery/suspense’ genre of our Flixter account, which is generally never a good sign for me. But I really, really, got into the storyline – probably due to the reliance on 80’s synth music. A tad violent. 9/10

He says: A good movie ruined by the curse of the indie cliche…seriously, this movie just wanted to jump off the screen and say I AM AN INDIE MOVIE!!! 7/10

Captain America^

**If you see this in the cinemas, stay till after the credits**

She says: I’ve been singing the theme song for years but now I love the movie too. Each time we saw the trailer for this, I’d say to AJW “no way, not seeing that”. He promised me that Thor would be in it, so I went and was not disappointed. The plot wasn’t bad either. 8/10

He says: I enjoyed this film a lot more than I expected, it was similar in a number of ways to the latest X-Men with a period setting and some nods to the thinking behind the original comic books; there were also some good performances by the cast. 8/10


^A note on Hugo Weaving:  While being a good bearded guy in Oranges and Sunshine, he was also a bad bald guy in Captain America. And he’s doing voiceovers too – a bad guy in Transformers, and in November, grumpy elder again in Happy Feet 2! We’re pretty amazed by his 2011 movie releases, as IMDB shows a spike in his recent activity.


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