Oops, we did it again

7 Jul

Sitting alone in a cinema is not a fabulous experience, but when the other option is Mr Popper’s Penguins, you take what you can get. We split again this week, and the outcome was not so good.

Kung Fu Panda 2

She says: Meh, watch this on TV for the occasional glimmer of gold – “My son saved China – you, too, can save! Buy one dumpling, get one free!” 6/10

He says: The best thing this movie had going for it was that it made Jack Black bearable by hiding him behind a digital panda. 5/10

Cars 2

She says: As with Green Hornet, when you can’t stand the main character you have no chance – I hated Mater the towtruck with surprising passion and this movie just rubbed me up the wrong way. Only saved by a Toy Story short AND the announcement that Lion King is coming to cinemas. Bring back the glory days. 3/10

He says: Seeing this shortly after KFP2 reinforced that Pixar makes better animated films than Dreamworks; even if this wasn’t on the same level as Toy Story it was still enjoyable. 6/10

Double Dhaamal (her pick)

She says: Um…wow. I generally love a splash of Bollywood, admittedly with a tendency towards romantic comedies. Fool me for going to see this entirely stupid slapstick comedy; the over-eager cartoon sound effects had me busting to leave at intermission, knitting in tow!!! 1/10

He says: Very, very glad I did not see this one!

Transformers 3 (his pick)

She says: Pfft. Sounds like just what one would expect.

He says: Boom, bang, pow. Michael Bay at his best = explosions, cars, explosions, models, explosions, cameras spinning around in circles, explosions, sun rise/sets, American flags and explosions… 8/10


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