Why I decided to leave Andrew

19 Jun

Disclaimer: we’re still together, just wanted to get your attention.

It’s been a crazy week at work for us both. And I really didn’t want to spend a weekend facing any more suspense or drama.

I suggested to Andrew that he go and see Super 8 without me, and I would go see  the fluffier Bridesmaids. And so we did. Here’s a catch up of these, and our last four movies.

P.S. We’re still taking suggestions for our next weekly movie – let us know what we should see in the comments below.


Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

She says: Apart from the wishy-washy ending, I enjoyed hanging out with Captain Jack Sparrow again; also appreciated that it was less jokey/focused on slapstick than the other Pirates films. 7/10

He says: This film was primarily yet another Johnny Depp vehicle, it was enjoyable but not exactly a groundbreaking film. 6.5/10


The Hangover Part II

She says: We laughed out loud so many times during this movie – it may have been entirely crude, culturally insensitive and perhaps it was only our newlywed sense of humour that inspired the laughs, but I liked this surprisingly much. 7.5/10

He says: The Hangover Part 1 was a very funny film; this one, whilst having moments of hilarity, went a little too far too often – it was as if the writers got drunk and thought of the craziest things possible.  7/10


X-Men: First Class

She says:  I’m still stunned that I actually enjoyed this movie at all (XMen, seriously?), but I loved it and am now working backwards through the other films – also astounding to see Marcus from About a Boy all grown up (he’s wearing  glasses in the back of this photo) 9.5/10

He says:  I really, really liked this film (pleasantly surprised) and it was very well executed, grounding the characters in the real world with believable and emotional backstories. 9/10



She says: I took my bridesmaids to see this, which was fun, but again, I think it’s only my newlywed sense of humour that found this hilarious – it was determined to push the boundaries of ridiculousness just like the Hangover, only with women (of course, this meant a great 90’s music feature at the end!!) 6.5/10

He says: Don’t really think I missed anything by not seeing this one…


Super 8

Starring kids but not a movie for kids

She says: Apparently I should be glad I didn’t see this, as there was indeed lots of suspense. Great!

He says: This film has the handprints of JJ Abrams (lens flare and Slusho) and Steven Speilberg all over it, a classic tale told like an 80’s sci-fi; think ET with fangs… 8.5/10


One Response to “Why I decided to leave Andrew”

  1. Taryn June 20, 2011 at 4:40 pm #

    I didn’t read the review because I’m seeing Bridesmaids with my Mum’s group on Wednesday! But seriously, talk about an attention grabbing headline! 😉

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