6 movies in 12 sentences

27 May

Hello again! We were a little pre-occupied with last month’s nuptials, so this is a condensed version of our adventures in the Chatswood cinemas.

You might notice that we’re changing the style a little – with somewhat less rambling from here on, we’ll each write a sentence about every movie with a condensed summary every couple of weeks. Let us know what you think in the comments!


She says: What a cool soundtrack, love Los Lobos and Johnny Depp makes this movie (typically) odd, but wonderful. 7.5/10

He says: A strangly enjoyable film that started as a Johnny Depp showcase and became quirky and loveable thrill ride. 8/10


She says: So, so good and hard to say if this or Inception best achieved the ‘let’s think about the world differently’ aim; both were trippy but believable. 9.5/10

He says: An unexpectably enjoyable film that did not follow the normal 3 act structure and kept you guessing until the end! 9/10

Lincoln Lawyer

She says: Similar premise to boring Conviction but much much easier to watch, probably because the characters were better looking and more lively. 8/10

He says: An old fashioned, if somewhat predictable crime drama with smart scripting and good acting. 8/10


She says: Quirky with some fun nerdy in-jokes but not a stand out, as the odd mix of American and British humour didn’t quite gel for me. 7/10

He says: I was looking forward to this film as I love Simon Pegg and Nick Frost; whilst they were funny as always the scripting wasn’t quite there for the film overall. 7/10


She says: We saw this in XtremeScreen so Chris Hemsworth was the perfect god-like character, especially with his  deep-voice (though the story wasn’t bad either). 8.5/10

He says: Marvel took some difficult subject matter and managed to make it both entertaining and somewhat plausible (unlike Jo I don’t give extra points for good looking leading men). 7.5/10

Source Code

She says: More mind games in this not-so-thrilling thriller; some suspense throughout and very interesting concept, but only a lack of anticipation builded as we waited to see what would happen again (and again) on the train to Chicago. 7/10

He says: A great premise that fell apart because they failed to fully expain and think through the details of the technology driving the film. 6.5/10


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