This was number five.

21 Mar

We made it to movie #5! That’s 10 hours down, 94 to go. This week it was I Am Number Four.

Flame on?

He says: I was quite suprised that I enjoyed this movie.  It started off as just ok and got better and better as the film went on.  Towards the end there was even an unexplainable touch of awesome…which became clear at the credits.  Michael Bay was the executive producer, bringing the signature Bay touch of awesome.

True to his style there were some great special effects and the fight sequences were a cut above the usual popcorn movie fare.

A lot of the first 3/4 of the film is spent on ‘character development’ – teen movie style.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, in fact it was good to start to flesh out some of the stories behind these characters.

It was refreshing to see some relative unknowns in the film, but I kept expecting Dianna Agron to burst into song.

The last 30 minutes saw the film really hit its stride and by the end I was ready for the sequel.

The film isn’t a masterpiece, nor a cinematic piece of history but it really was an enjoyable piece of escapism that meant I walked out of the cinema with a smile.

A solid 7.5/10

She says: Even if this was a bit of a Twilight/Heroes rip-off, the stars were exceedingly good looking, and sometimes that’s all that matters.

The story was essentially a mashup between the Heroes “I’ve got powers, wow!” miracle-fest, with Twilight’s “Oh, pout, teenage angst, pout” setting/characters. I happen to like both of those enterprises, so unsurprisingly I rolled along with the plot of this one, and enjoyed *most* moments.

I’m going to deviate a little from reviewing-mode to fill you in on my movie experience. I’ve been getting cold in the cinemas, like, goosebump and shivers cold. So this time, I took a little polar fleece blanket.

It was delightful and I am going to happily embrace my inner nanna, and take this along to movies from now on.

But, in this film, it also helped to have a blanket to hide under. So the movie wasn’t really that scary itself (it’s Disney!) but Micheal Bay’s special effects always freak me out. So I sat under my blanket and saw these amazing effects whoosh past me as nice pretty blurs.

And then it ended with a reallllly nice lead for a sequel. With my blanket, I’m in! 7.5/10.


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