Somewhat lacking in Conviction.

21 Mar

He says: This movie spans the main characters’ lifetime and at times it kind of feels like you are spanning yours by watching the film.

The movie seemed to really drag on, not getting anywhere fast.  This would have been ok if I felt for the main characters in their struggle, but I had a really hard time empathising with them.

The whole movie felt slowed down with its own importance, really a piece of Oscar bait for Hillary Swank (that ultimately failed to deliver).  It wasn’t that there was anything particularly bad about the movie, there just wasn’t anything that grabbed your attention as particularly good.

Sam Rockwell gave an interesting performance, certainly a long way from the last film I saw him in (Iron Man 2).

I will admit the true story bit did pique my interest enough for me to google about the story behind the film afterwards.  It was more interesting reading it than watching it (and it took a lot less time).

A middle of the road film gets a middle of the road 5/10

She says: Meh.

This movie wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t gosh, wow, amazing. It had a steady, plodding pace, making it rather like a good tele-movie – something you’d happily get hooked on during a slow Saturday afternoon*.

I was quite taken by the ‘is he guilty/is he innocent’ storyline. It was fun not knowing which way it would go, but having the opportunity to spend most of the two hours making up your mind.  (I was waaaay off).

And that tension redeems this as one to watch… the next time you see it on the tv schedule.

Strangely enough, everyone I’ve talked to about this film has said “Oh, that’s the movie with that lady in it, isn’t it?”. Yes, Hilary Swank. Who apparently isn’t terribly memorable – I couldn’t remember having seen any of her movies, until a friend helpfully reminded me of PS I Love You, Freedom Writers and even The Core. NB: I’m still not rushing to see Million Dollar Baby.

So I would give this 6/10. Not great, but not bad at all.

* I’m hoping for the return of this fine institution in May, post-wedding.


3 Responses to “Somewhat lacking in Conviction.”

  1. nicole March 21, 2011 at 10:11 pm #

    Love a good ‘true story’ film. It was interesting enough. Yes, it did drag on a bit but I still enjoyed it.

    I recommend ‘limitless’ if you are after suggestions.

    • ajontheroad March 22, 2011 at 12:47 pm #

      Great to hear a recommendation for Limitless … I am trying to convince Jo we should go see it!

    • ladypenelope85 March 22, 2011 at 1:59 pm #

      Ok, ok, I’ll consider it… what’s the suspense factor /10, Nicole?

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