The Green Hornet had no sting

22 Feb

When the characters in this film were coming up with names for their superhero personas, one of the suggestions was “The Green Bee” – perhaps a more fitting title for a movie that did little but bumble along.

Week 2 of our movie watching was not as great as the first.  While the blades were sharp in this movie the wit and humour certainly wasn’t anything near that of the King’s Speech, and, alas, it didn’t even fall into “so bad it’s good” territory.

He Says:

This is what our Astras turn into after dark (and we put on our masks)

I was really quite excited to see this movie as I had read a couple of reviews calling it the next Iron Man, a movie I loved.  However, I was sadly disappointed.

Seth Rogen does not even come close to the on-screen presence, persona and wit of Robert Downey Jr.  It seemed as if he and the fellow producers were having a ‘boys night’ and came up with the idea for this movie.

Jay Chou was the one saving grace in this movie, playing the sidekick and crucial to making this film at least watchable.  He had the few funny lines and also got the best fight scenes.

The best part of the film were some of these fight scenes with Chou where they had ‘hornet vision’ (think bullet time).  We saw the movie in 3D and these were the only scenes where it made sense to have made this movie in 3D instead of 2D.

In all I would give this film a 4 out of 10 (it would have been a 2 if not for Chou and the fight scenes)

She Says:

This movie was stupid. I hated most of it, except I do remember at one point thinking “I don’t hate this scene, what a miracle”. Now I can’t even remember what scene that was, so maybe it wasn’t so miraculous?

As writer and producer, this was alllllll about Seth Rogen. Like those really annoying people who turn every conversation into an anecdote about their lives, this was just a Rogen-fest. Therefore if you didn’t love him (as I didn’t), there was no chance to connect with the movie (so I didn’t).

And I have no idea why Cameron Diaz signed up for this. She can’t be short of money, can she? Diaz is talking about a Green Hornet sequel, so maybe she saw something in the script that I didn’t.

Oh yes the good bit was when the car was driven into a glass lift, and then taken up to the top floor. I have a love/hate relationship with glass lifts so that was cool.

I would give this movie 1/10. For the car in the glass lift.


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